Born in 1965 in Belarus , I took my first drawing lessons at 6 years old. As a child I was aware of the beauty that surrounded me in Belarus. I would draw my own interpretation of life as I saw it .
At the age of 11 I dreamed of becoming an illustrator and I was inspired by the paintings of the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. His unique individual style influenced the colors and lines of my work.
During my middle and high school years I enjoyed drawing for the school newspaper and magazine journals. I often drew illustrations of biological themes for my science teacher. These were my first steps into watercolor botanical illustration and calligraphy.
I graduated from the Pedagogical University of Vitebsk with a degree in Graphics Art, Decorative and Applied Art and Interpretive Art Instruction. I later acquired a Masters Degree in Fine Arts Photography. Still Life and Landscapes Photography is my favorite genres and I have had several personal exhibitions in Belarus. Also I have published several books of my photographs and some authors  have used my graphics and photographs for their  books and stories.
In 2013 I moved  to California and was amazed at the beauty of the place. I concentrated on my art work and took my art tools wherever I went. Since then  I have  focused  on my illustrations and like  my childhood, I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me.
Art appreciation  is a personal experience and I hope that  my Art inspires joy, contemplation and beauty into your life.