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Autumn Dreams 9"x12" $70.00Winter snails and Leaf 9"x12" $70.00Mandalas Tree 11"x11" $70.00Red poppy 9"x9"Dandelions 9"x12"Flying apples 9"x12"Сelestial fantasy  9"x12"9"x12"Winter flowers 9"x12"Sunset in California 9"x12"9"x12"Snails 9"x12"Ocean my fantasies 9"x12"9"x12"B&W Mandala Flowers 5,5"x5,5" $28.00Christmas Star Mandala 5"x5" $28.00Black and White 5,5"x5,5 $28.00Red Mandala 5,5"x5,5" $28.00Color Mandala 5,5"x5,5" $28.00Red Hearts Greeting Card 5,5"x5,5" $28.00